Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Handmade at Victoria baths

Last weekend I was invited to show my work at the Handmade event at the FutureEverything Music and Arts Festival in Manchester. Handmade was a day of contemporary craft, DIY, Digital innovators and hackers. One of the first of its kind bringing together other artist who integrate digital and hands-on approaches. It was set in the most glorious surroundings of the recently renovated Victoria Baths, which I remember voting for as part of the BBC restoration series in 2003. As a passionate swimmer and artist I couldn't be in a more inspiring place, full of social and architectural history, memories and a new future which reflected its past by creating a new arts and social community . Victoria baths comprised of three swimming pools, male 1st class, male 2nd class and female, a turkish bath and washing house for laundry. Water hole to the legendary 1933 Channel swimmer Sunny Lowry who fought to save the pool in her later life. I was totally distracted throughout the day by the magnificent surroundings and inspiring artists around me. it really felt like I was on the cusp of something new and original .

It felt a special event, not only by its location but also by the other artist sharing their work and ideas, David Littler demonstrating his interactive Sampler CultureClash (left) and DIY Pacwomen workshop using open sourcing Auduino software.

Antony Hall showing his drawing machine Harmonograph reflected the playfulness and interactivity of the whole event, as well as the giant Etch-a-Sketch by HAC:Manchester. Along with my fellow Chelsea PHD student Jen Baille, showing TheSharedScarfProject, just to name a few.

I presented my own work The Peoples Print which involves the consumer being at the center of the design process through bespoke digital printing, it was good getting feedback and a positive reaction to my approach to design.

I was not only thrilled to be in such a special environment but also to be part of a new movement/community of craft, makers, digital innovators.

The Crafts Council
Craft and the Digital World

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