Wednesday, 11 May 2011


This weekend I show The Peoples Print at the Handmade, DIY Digital craft fair, which is part of the FutureEverything Festival in Manchester alongside other digital crafters,makers and innovators.
‘The Peoples Print’ a series of projects that engages the consumer in the design process to create their own textiles through digital textile printing. The projects explores new concepts for textile design and develops system for emotional durable and sustainable design through bespoke digital printing
With the resurgence of DIY using digital software and the accessibility to digital print onto fabric using local print bureaus allows the consumer to design and produce their own fabric. ‘The People Print’ empowers the consumer to be at the center of the design process by using methods of co-design and participatory design that encourages ‘ownership’ of their final product.
It's going to be really interesting!

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