Tuesday, 22 June 2010

'Trash Fashion' Designing out of waste, The Science Museum

Kathy and I found this beautiful 1930's vintage dress once owned by a London debutant. Fascinated by its past history we photographed and reprinted it onto a silk crepe de chine and made it into a modern interpretation using bespoke digital textile printing. The final dress goes on show in the new Antenna Gallery at The Science Museum for The Trash Fashion Exhibition, 'Designing out of waste' with other TED members. The exhibition examines garments that reduce waste and impact on our environment, our garment looks at emotional attachment to a historical piece and sustainability through memory of garment.
The exhibition runs through until Feb 2011 and includes other researchers in the field of environmental textiles, Pia Interlandi, Kate Goldworthy and Suzanne Lee are to name a few.
The Science Museum Photostream

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  1. This is beautiful, and a truly fantastic concept. Do let us know if anything like this ever becomes available to buy :)
    - Matea