Friday, 25 June 2010

The Concise Dictionary of Dress

The Concise Dictionary of Dress - trailer from Artangel on Vimeo.

I managed to catch this wonderful exhibition The Concise Dictionary of Dress last week at Blythe House, Hammersmith, home to the V&A collections. Never been open to the public before, the exhibition gave us a glimpse of the amazing archive housed in this huge Victorian ex-postal sorting office.
The Concise Dictionary of Dress is an unusual collaboration by costume curator Judith Clark and psychoanalyst Adam Phillips who place eleven thought provoking garments within Blythe House. The tour guided you in silence to each exhibit that was hidden within the extroidinary surroundings of corridors, spiral stair cases, huge storage racks and even led you up to the roof top to witness the magnificant view across London.
Beautifully presented each piece was given a title and a series of definitions which were handed to the viewer on a card, with no discussion this gave you the opportunity to think about the words that were presented to you.
The experience felt like a privilage to be allowed to have access to this hidden treasure.

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