Monday, 2 April 2012

Slow Grow - Consumer Centered Design

Lidwwij Edelkoorts recent article Handmade ‘When Design and Craft meet’ examines our changing world of design. How design has evolved from function to décor, through to innovation and finally global branding. Now we find ourselves drowning in a world of stuff, and an over saturated world of design. It presents the question ‘what is the role of the designer today’?
‘Today, we experience a need for reflection and we feel a need to rethink the (non)sense of design’ (Edelkoorts)
Globalisation has brought about uniformity and boredom of product and brand. We now long and seek for an individual and community identity, localised product and craft. I address this in my recent project 'Slow Grow' with the aim of enabling the wearer (Mary) to be central to the design process. In this case it was Mary, an old age pensioner who is passionate about her allotment in Fulham which in turn contributes to her wellbeing and happiness, the flowers she grows become a print for her own shirt to wear.
Surely this is ‘consumer curated design’? For me this is the future of design, to work and create together local design identities by sharing skills. 
The People's Print explores consumer centered design through digital print at their next workshop at the V&A ‘The Great British Floral’ to create your own unique floral ready to print and ready to wear.
The People’s Print is a unique platform that explores and tests new textile ideas through collaboration, participatory design, slow & fast, new and old techniques and process’s. It is the voice of change that Edelkoort speaks about.

Melanie Bowles - The People's Print


  1. Interesting post. Do you think we're drowning in a world of design? I agree that there's more small designers out there than ever, that everyone is having a go at design - but doesn't that contradict what you're saying about globalisation and the uniformity of design? I think it's great - we've got strong global brands with consistent quality, and if that gets too much, you've got an absolute explosion of smaller designers who are doing their own thing (and can afford to, because of globalisation in, eg, supplies and ideas). Fascinating times. Good post, though.

  2. Thank you for the information. Was a Good read. Looking for more information.

  3. Who made the print? If it is no secret :)
    I know zazzle and redbubble, but they are expensive, so i am interested in finding out some other.