Thursday, 4 August 2011

Second Edition: Digital Textile Design

I have been busy working on the second edition of Digital Textile Design, updated tutorials, fresh images and new text. And with no students about, Maya, one of my twin daughters
(above) is proving to be a useful model too, for new Tutorial 21.
Digital Textile Design is selling well, meaning the interest in digital textile design continues to grow. My recent lecture at Winchester Fashion Week on Digital Textiles titled 'From Catwalk, to Craft to Consumer' certainly indicated a growing interest by textile enthusiasts wanting to create their own bespoke prints.
The second edition of Digital Textile Design is due to be in out Autumn '12.
I asked the publisher why it takes so long? the graphic design, the translation
( Spanish & German) and finally the printing was the answer.
A long process but a long life!


  1. Can't wait! Love the first book. :0)

  2. Oh and btw your daughter is beautiful. x

  3. How gorgeous does Maya look! Looks like the 2nd edition is going to be even more exciting than the first, really inspirational, well done.

  4. Hi Melanie,

    Just wondering if the new edition will contain any content / tutorials on generative design? Despite many practice-based researchers and educators making reference to 'Abstracting Craft' by Malcolm McCullough (1996), this major feature of his argument has largely been ignored in practice, research and education related to digital textile design. Looking at how other fabrication technologies (eg: 3D printing and CNC milling) are being explored by digital craft practitioners who have embraced generative design (eg: Nervous System and Autonomatic), textiles seems to be lacking innovation in design methods - a point that was evident in the pieces included in the recent LabCraft exhibition. That is to say, whilst silversmithing, ceramics, etc have become dynamic mediums, textiles remains static; limited to the features of commercial software and devices. I'm just about to summit my practice-based PhD thesis, which explores how interaction technologies (ie: physical interfaces and generative systems) can be used to develop 'co-craft' interfaces / experiences that enhance the value of digitally printed textile products (including projects with Timorous Beasties and Natasha Marshall) - think 'craft customisation' instead of 'mass customisation'. If there is still time, I'd be happy to contribute some content for the next edition of your book. Please let me know if you would be interested.


    Andy McDonald
    Centre for Advanced Textiles
    Glasgow School of Art

  5. i have your first book and it really is wonderful...

    i'll look out for the next one, too: can't wait :)

  6. Excellent work, cant wait for the second edition.

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