Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Cult of Beauty, The Aesthetic Movement

Emma Neuberg and I were lucky to visit the Liberty archive a few weeks ago in preparation for our Slow/Fast Print workshop at the V&A running in conjunction with The Cult of Beauty, The Aesthetic Movement during April, May and June. I was amazed to see the beautiful range of colours used in these early Liberty designs of the late 19th century and left a real impact on how inspirational Liberty fabrics must have been during this period. We begin our research into the Aesthetic Movement that will be the focus of our workshop from 'Hand to Digital' at the V&A starting April 26th, for more information,courses and events at the V&A.


  1. Indeed you were so lucky!

  2. Wow wonderful, I wonder what my aesthetic movement house in Sydenham looked like in regard to furnishings. I found some brown lily wallpaper on stair renovation. And scraped back to glass panels on interior door, so exciting. Those patterns look wonderful, I would love to look so much more. As decorating what I think was a childrens nursery. The more i give to the house it seems to give back, as in the glass panels lending themselves to brighten the dark stairway