Saturday, 11 July 2009

Building Blocks

Beatrice literally creates her intriguing textile designs by constructing her pattern out of blocks of wood. Through playing with her hand made wooden pieces she generates varying sequences and compositions that when photographed she manipulates further. Her work is a true combination of the ‘hand’ with the digital, ‘merging hand-crafted and traditional techniques with the perfection of digital and machine technology within my work retains a craft aesthetic within digital printing’.
Beatrice work shows a clever physical play by constructing blocks in a three dimensional tactile medium to develop two dimensional surface pattern which is then digitally printed onto canvas and linens for her fashion collection ‘Building Blocks’. Influenced by the work of painters Ruth Root and Josef Albers and artists Matthew Harrison who works with parquetry and Martin Whorl’s parquet flooring she
Beatrices work is an example of the current talented crop of textiles graduates who are expanding the boundries of digital textile by exploring ideas in a non traditional way by using the computer as a creative tool.
Bea currently is part of the design team at Orla Kiely

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