Sunday, 10 May 2009

Fanny karst

I love Fanny’s work! Why? Because it is so good to see a young designer finding the ‘older women’ inspirational, and how she has made the over seventy something seriously ‘cool’. Twenty four year old French born Fanny Karst designs for the older generation. Her models are the most attractive silver haired women aging between 60 and 80 years old, looking utterly elegant and timeless. Trained at St Martins in fashion print she has a real understanding of print and the female form. Fanny loves the freedom of digital design and print, it’s so evident in what she does. Her play with the photographic image reminds us of the illusionary artistry of Jean Cocteau and Schiaparelli who brought surrealist twists to fashion in the 1930s. Just as they did, Fanny deals with Tromp l’Oeil with an added twist of humour or irony. Her work shows the spontaneity and wit that is achievable with digital print; the ‘Clapping Hands’ print just makes you smile. It utilises the high photographic qualities achievable and there is even a sense of movement captured in the print, which is a delight. The ‘Fox Shrug’ is always flattering to the female form, but this time of course it’s not for real, but a beautiful fake photographic print on silk - you just want to stroke it. The Old Ladies Rebellion is not just about the fashion but also the wisdom and beauty of the wearer. Some of her garments have logos ‘Not at your age’ and ‘Let’s begin at the end’, suddenly there’s so much to look forward to!

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