Thursday, 11 October 2007

Digital Pattern

‘Digital Pattern’ 2007 is a collection of textile designs inspired by historical textiles from Chinese and Japanese embroidery. Melanie recreates the exquisite qualities of fine thread work, rich symbolic imagery using digital media. Replaces traditional craft techniques, such as the embroiders needle, with new technologies whilst retaining the beauty and quality of hand crafted design. Working with the digital stylus Bowles exploits the versatility of the vector program Adobe Illustrator to build up flowing forms, intricate blends and rich colours to create her sophisticated designs. The designs were printed on to luxury silk satin and made into a collection of silk scarves.

Exhibited at The London Craft Fair ‘Origins’ 2007 Somerset House, London
Digital Craft is featured in ‘Experimental Pattern’, by Jackie Herald, publisher Rockport Press May 2010

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